Right infrastructure and environment is instrumental in enhancing the learning experience of students and aid teaching methodologies of faculty members. In last one year we have expanded the infrastructure at both our campuses from academic and non-academic point of view. Major highlights include:


  • Multi-activity centre (MAC) at Bidholi: It is an impressive facility, build with an aim to provide an opportunity to the students for their holistic development. MAC has a 2500 sq.ft of fully-furnished gym, 2400 sq.ft of student lounge area and an auditorium with a seating capacity of 650 people. The auditorium is a convertible basketball court.
  • Multi-activity centre (MAC) at Kandoli: A 4000 sq.ft facility with 2000 sq.ft of gym and another 2000 sq.ft will have table tennis, snooker and ice hockey along with a lounge area for students.
  • Sports complex: Development of playfield area of approximately two acres along with amphitheatre seating in Phase 1 at Kandoli campus.
  • Water conservation: Building six recharge wells at Bidholi campus for recharging the sub-surface water of the area.
  • Labs- At UPES We are always looking for latest technology equipment and new and innovative ways of doing work in our labs. UPES has around 120 labs across all engineering departments at school of Engineering, which covers, a wide spectrum of activities from academics to research and consultancies.